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We offer a diverse range of braiding styles that honor both traditional African techniques and modern trends. Whether you’re looking for classic cornrows, fashionable box braids, or intricate Senegalese twists, our expert stylists are equipped to cater to your individual preferences. Feel free to consult with our team for personalized recommendations tailored to your hair type and lifestyle.

The duration of a braiding session can vary depending on the complexity of the style and the length and thickness of your hair. Generally, simpler styles like cornrows may take 45 mins – 4 hours, while more intricate designs like micro braids can take up to 6-8 hours. We recommend setting aside ample time for your appointment to ensure a relaxed and high-quality experience.

Great question! For the best results, we recommend that you wash, condition, and fully detangle your hair before your appointment. This will ensure a smoother braiding process and contribute to the longevity of your style. If you have any concerns about your hair’s condition or need specific product recommendations, don’t hesitate to reach out to us beforehand.

Proper aftercare is essential for keeping your braids looking fresh and extending their lifespan. We suggest using a silk or satin head wrap while sleeping to minimize friction and frizz. Moisturize your scalp and hair regularly with light oils or specialized braid sprays. If you experience any discomfort, tightness, or signs of scalp irritation, consult with us for immediate guidance.

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