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About Us

Why Are We the Best?

tep into our welcoming braid shop, where our seasoned stylists, all with extensive experience in African American hair care, infuse your locks with a touch of magic. We harmonize the rich traditions of African hair braiding with the vibrant trends of today, sculpting the perfect braided style tailored specifically for you. Revel in an unparalleled braiding experience that celebrates the beauty of African American hair.

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to inclusivity. We firmly believe that braids transcend cultural boundaries, making them accessible to everyone. Our doors are open to clients from diverse backgrounds who appreciate the artistry and cultural significance of braiding.

Your visit to African Beauty Braids is more than just a hairstyle appointment; it’s a cultural awakening. Our mission is to leave you not only with impeccable braids but also with a deeper connection to African heritage.

Word of our salon’s excellence has resonated far and wide, drawing clients from various corners. African Beauty Braids has become a cultural hub in the heart of Kennesaw, promoting unity and celebrating diversity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience African Beauty Braids for yourself. Come for the braids, stay for the culture, and leave with a piece of African elegance woven into your heart and hair. It’s not just a hairstyle; it’s an unforgettable journey you’ll want to embark on again and again.


What People Say About Us

Rhonkeita Good


I got my hair done here about a week and a half ago, they still look like I just got them done. Very neat parts and the length I wanted! It did take a while but it was definitely worth the time and price. Will be back!!

Sorah LaGuerre


Best hair salon in Kennesaw. The ladies are so friendly and the price is so affordable. I have being there several times and I am always happy with the service.

Adela Noumbo

New Client

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